February 28, 2014

february closet additions

2- feb closet add

1. Apt. 9 crepe blouse:
     originally $36, on sale for $20 - $5 coupon - 15% off coupon = $13

2. jean vest: Goodwill $3

3. Mossimo boyfriend blazer: Instagram shop $12

4. wedges: Walmart (clearance) $5

5. Ganni black Dress: goodwill $6  [same dress but with sleeves]  (I had never heard of this brand before, but I researched it and this dress would have sold for close to $200! Score!)

6. Teal flats (originally from Payless): Goodwill $4

7. LC ombre' dress: Goodwill $6

8. LC polka dot blouse: Kohl's (clearance + extra 15% off coupon) $8

9. Tommy Girl red gingham print top: Instagram Shop $15

Total Spent: $72 - $28 sold on shop my closet = $44

I gotta say, keeping track of exactly how much I spend on clothes each month is really helping me to hold myself accountable for what I spend. This month I held back on a lot of other things I wanted to buy, and I really only bought things things on my list of "needs." Note: this so called list is only in my head. 

The white crepe blouse I have been watching at Kohl's for a year now. I have been needing the perfect white blouse, and girls, this is definitely it. I'm so glad I finally was able to get it for under $15. A jean vest was also on my list (check). I've been needing a new black blazer because I just don't love the one I have. I bought this one from an Instagram shop, but it's a little big. I'm thinking for only $12, I may get it tailored. Other things on my list were fun flats (check!), the perfect LBD (check.. ok turns out it's not so perfect, it's a little long and needs to be hemmed), a pretty blouse for work (check!), a plaid or gingham button up (check!). The wedges and ombre dress weren't aren't that list, but they were too great to pass up. 

Oh and let's talk about this whole Instagram shopping thing. Ever since I went and switched my shop my closet page to Instagram, I have become addicted to shopping others' closets! What a lot of IG shops do ispost a picture saying that they're posting at a certain time, and then they spam the crap outta your feed, and they're stuff sells what seems like instantly. Unfortunately, I haven't had such luck with too many sales. I have had luck with buying though! Haha. I actually bought 2 other things, but they haven't come in the mail yet, so I'll wait and just add them to my March budget.


  1. What great Feb. finds! :) Those teal flats are super fun! What a great deal. I wish I was this good at only adding a few things to my wardrobe each month.. I think if I made a list I would be embarrassed. :) haha So many Goodwill finds this month! -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I can't get over how awesome you did. Such great items for so little money. Take me shopping with you. I too wanted a Jean Vest and added one a couple of months ago that I have yet to wear. =( I love that LC Ombre Peachy Blush Dress. I have a similar one from Express. The Blazer & Teal Flats were great additions too. I will be posting my finds hopefully this weekend or Monday by the latest. =)

    Have a Great Weekend Beautiful Danielle.

  3. I have a blouse just like your new Kohl's one (from Old Navy) such a great addition to your closet, it literally goes with everything and is like a dressed-up version of a white t-shirt! Looks like you scored this month :)

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  4. So jealous of your thrifting skills! You did amazing in the shoe department. I love that teal color! And that LBD looks so pretty on you! Can't wait to see how you style it :)


  5. Who do you follow for the instagram sales? I know about your's and Ginny's, but I'd love to know about more! And I am SO JEALOUS of that ombre dress- it's beautiful! :)

    1. Hey Holly! If you go to my instagram shop @goodwillistascloset and click following you can see all the shops I follow :)

  6. That gingham blouse is gorgeous! LOVE IT!

  7. Danielle,

    Awesome! Yes, of course you can call me Alex. My email is alexandra.consolver@hotmail.com . My hubby and I would love NOLA suggestions! We are heading down in just a few weeks now but made the decision just a few days ago! We are major foodies, I love art and shopping... anything really unique/culturally specific to NOLA.... ummm On a budget.. but ANY and ALL recommendations appreciated! At this point we will only be there for 2-3 days. Driving the other two. So if you have any recommendations between KC & NOLA (like LA and MS wise) that would also be great. We love to stop fun places / good restaurants along the way. Longest comment ever... but thanks! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  8. I keep wondering whether or not the Instagram shop thing is a good choice. I like that Poshmark makes shipping so easy, which is why I choose that over Instagram. Ummm, next week's Trendy Tuesday theme is "Gingham & Cords," sooo I'm voting you wear that ADORABLE gingham shirt on Tuesday. Just a suggestion. Why must you live far away from Maryland? I want to thieve so many things from your closet.

  9. It looks like you got some fabulous finds! I'm especially in love with that gingham shirt. There was another $2 Goodwill sale today but I was much more picky and only went in looking for specific things, a gingham shirt being one of them to link up with Danielle for Trendy Tuesday. No such luck. I did find a gorgeous hot pink 100% cashmere sweater, a floral dress, a yellow belt, and lightweight army jacket. Two were on my list. The rest were not. Such great deals though!

    Since you and Ginny made your shop you closet pages, I took the time to put all of my clothes in there too but haven't had any luck with sales. I ended up sending a scarf to a friend instead. I like that you have pictures of your things though. I feel like that gives a good representation of what the clothes will look like.

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