February 10, 2014

one outfit styled three ways

one outfit three ways, maroon pants, black booties, aztec sweater, fur vest

I bought this top and the bottoms at Walmart during the same grocery trip, but never did I think I would keep these two together this much! This has got to be the most comfortable put together outfit there is. These legging pants things (I honestly don't have a clue what to call them- they're too stretchy to be called pants, but too think to be called leggings) don't have front pockets or a button and zipper, so I think they look weird with anything but a longer top. This top is one of the two I have that's long and loose, so I just keep wearing them together. And I have to say, together they seem to make a perfect canvas for lots of styling options and outfits! 
IMG_8955, maroon pants, lauren conrad booties
| Shirt: Walmart $12 | Pants: Walmart $12 | LC Booties: Kohl's Gifted | Necklace: eBay $9 |
The first way I styled this outfit was simple. All I did was add this pretty necklace, and I think it's my favorite.
IMG_9032, maroon pants, lauren conrad booties, faux fur, fur vest
| Shirt: Walmart $12 | Pants: Walmart $12 | LC Booties: Kohl's Gifted | Fur Vest: SheInside.com $20 | Necklace: Hodge Podge thrift store $3 |
The next time I wore it, I added my faux fur vest and a long necklace.
IMG_9130, aztec sweater, maroon pants, lauren conrad booties
| Shirt: Walmart $12 | Pants: Walmart $12 | LC Booties: Kohl's Gifted | Sweater: Gifted |
Lastly, I went for comfort, and added my awesomely cozy aztec sweater. I swear this sweater is like wearing a blanket everywhere I go. 
Which outfit is your favorite? Do you have an outfit that works as a canvas for many ways to remix.
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  1. I really want some of these shirts. What brand?

  2. Fabulous! Love all 3 ways you styled them!!

  3. These are all cute! I bought a pair of pants in that same color (and weight from the sounds of it, but mine are corduroy) over a year ago and they sat and sat...I didn't know what color to wear with them! I finally busted them out this past fall to wear with a taupey gray t-shirt under a big sweater and they quickly became my favorite in fit and color. I'm going to have to see if I can't find that black top at my local Walmarts as I love the black with the burgundy.

  4. I LOVE all three! I think a neutral top with a colored jean is the best way to remix. My hot pink jeans have gone such a long way for me! I love that shade of pink with navy and I have so many different navy tops that work well too. :) I think my favorite is your favorite too.. .but the furry vest is a close second. :) -Alexandra

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    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. So cute, I love all of these on you.

  6. So pretty! I like them all, but my fave is the first, simple one!

    I def use my little black dresses as canvases for styling fun! I love how versatile they are.


  7. I really like the simplicity of the first outfit, but that last outfit is my fave. Probably because I want an aztec cardi. If I had one, I'd wear it alll the time.

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  8. I love the outfit with the cardigan. Big comfy print cardigans are my favorite right now!. Looking fab, dear!

    xoxo Gigi.

  9. Love them all, the first look is my favorite though. That shirt is gorgeous!

  10. I think the faux vest outfit is my favorite! I have a think for fur vests lately. They just look so chic to me. I finally found a pair of purple jeans I like but now I'm wishing they were skinny instead of straight leg. I'll have to wear them a few times before I decide to get them tailored or not...

  11. I got these pants from Walmart too and absolutely looooove them! I wear them at least once a week, I'm obsessed, I have them in hunter green as well. Love how you styled them each time, especially with the vest!


  12. I really love all of the ways that you styled them, but I think the fur vest is my favorite. Such a gorgeous look! Thanks so much for sharing with Mix it Monday! Have a great week!
    Fizz and Frosting