February 11, 2014

warm & fuzzy inside

IMG_9133, fur vest, tan booties IMG_9139, fur vest, tan booties
Shirt: Forever 21, Old
Jeans: Charlotte Russe, Old
Fur Vest: SheInside.com $20
Booties: JustFab.com $20
Necklace: Vintage, given to me
Total Outfit Cost: $40

Ever since I saw Nicole (writeslikeagirl) wearing a fur vest, I knew I had to have one. Living in south Louisiana, I thought that I would look totally ridiculous in a fur vest. I mean it just doesn't get cold enough to justify wearing fur.... Oh boy was I wrong. This fur vest has been perfect for the weather lately. Well, more like for the weather going on in my office at work. It's freezing in our office, but it's way too uncomfortable to sit at my desk with a coat on and wearing my fleece Magic Kingdom blanket just makes me want to fall asleep. So this vest is perfect, because it keeps me warm and allows my arms to be free. I've pretty much worn it once a week since it came in the mail. 20 bucks definitely justified. Oh and speaking of this vest and my office, the first time I wore to work one of my co-workers asked if she could pet me. Lol.
Remember when I told y'all about the awesome link up idea I had a couple weeks ago? Well, it's happening! Get your creative juices flowing because the "many days many ways" linkup party (name compliments of Nicole)  will be next Wednesday, February 19th
Here are the deets: Choose one item in your closet and remix the heck out of it. Show all the ways that you can style that one piece. I'll give y'all a hint to mine- my trusty lace dress. The button is on my side bar if you'd like to use it to link back to the link up so more bloggy friends will know about it.  What do you plan on remixing? I can't wait to see!


  1. i love seeing you style this vest a bazillion ways! it's really so versatile. i bet it would look really cute with your lace dress too, actually!

    cannot wait to link up!!

    xo nicole

  2. That fur vest is one of my favorites on you! It just adds a bit of fun to whatever you're wearing! If I can get the pictures ready in time, I'd love to join in! Could I use times I've worn past outfits with the same piece with maybe a new outfit to share too?

  3. I love seeing everyone jump on the fur vest trend! I must get one soon! And great idea for a link-up! I'll have to remember to stop back and link up with all you fabulous ladies!


  4. I love that fur vest on you! I didn't think I could pull it off, but you make it look so good, I just might have to get one and try it :)

  5. A fur vest has been on my list forever! I keep thinking I'll come across a great one in stores...but maybe I should just go ahead and order online! Especially since yours is such a staple.

    Love the link-up idea! I'm gonna try to get something together so I can participate!!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  6. This fur vest really looks cute! However, that must be the coldest place in Louisiana. Has anyone asked around if there's something wrong with the heating system? For now, I hope that vest is keeping you warm and fashionable at all times! Cheers!
    Jeff Deem @ AltusMechanical.com