March 17, 2014

i ventured off and got nowhere

Dress: Apricot Lane Boutique, gift carded [cute option]
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, so old [similar]
Boots: stole from my sista [similar]
Belt: no idea, possibly came on a different dress
Total Outfit Cost: $FREE
So you remember that time I told y'all that one of my resolutions was to venture out and take blog pictures somewheres other thank my back porch? No? Good. Well y'all, I attempted to venture out... to my back yard. I know I know, it's not real far from my porch, but I figured I'd have my fence as the background for a change! Let me tell you what happened. I didn't realize that my backyard was a slumpy mess so my feet pretty much just sank into the ground, so that would explain the lovely mud on my boots. It wasn't meant to work anyways because the lighting wasn't right. My little spot on my porch is just so perfect for blog pictures! I'm in the privacy of my own back yard so no one's there to catch me in the act with my tripod, the lighting is great most of the day, and hey there ain't nothin' wrong with a brick wall background! So am I allowed to take that out of my resolutions? I am perfectly happy with my spot. :)

Ps. Don't forget Wednesday is the Many Days Many Ways linkup!

***disclaimer: This outfit does not properly depict the weather going on here now. These photos were taken last week. Today I woke up and it is 43 degrees outside, and this girl does NOT go outside with bare legs in the 40's***


  1. That dress is soooo pretty! Such a fun outfit, even if the weather can't make up it's mind haha.


  2. I love he idea of venturing out too, but the wind is what kills me. I always stand in the same spot because it's protected from the wind....also it's shady so I don't have to worry of squinty eyes...

  3. That dress is gorgeous! The pattern is adorable and matches perfectly with your blue cardigan. Love it!

    I always figured you took those pictures at your work because it's always daylight! Little did I know that awesome wall is in your backyard! No one has a backyard where I live or that would be the perfect place to set up a tripod. I would probably take a bunch of outfit pictures at once and do more one piece many ways posts!

    Speaking of, I'm super excited to participate in your link up this month!

  4. this outfit is easy, breezy perfection, and you look like you're having so much fun in the photos (even despite the muddy boots)!

    xo nicole

  5. I love the brick background! I think if you're comfortable with the space and the lighting is good, why not stick with it? And I also love this outfit! I so need a cardigan like that to wear with my dresses!

  6. Well it's too cold now, but I always take my outdoor photos on my back porch too! No one can see me, the lighting is almost always perfect and a plain brick background is fine! I feel ya, stick with what works =)

  7. BAH, dreaded mud. I can't go to my typical spot without getting my shoes gross. I can't believe it was warm enough for you to go bare-legged, even if it was last week. I like your wall, and I like your style!

  8. Great dress on you! I tried to take pictures besides in front of the house but I am too lazy to lug the camera, tripod to wok and then find a spot. It's so much easier to have my hubby take the picture. Your brick wall is perfect!


  9. Such a fun dress! And I've only been doing outfit photos around my porch/yard too since I've moved. But I'm blaming it on not finding any good spots yet lol It's okay to stick to the brick walls for now, right?


  10. I can't get over how cute this dress is! You're lucky to have a nice brick wall to shoot in front of. It's better than a crooked burnt orange fence!