March 7, 2014


IMG_9275, polka dot, lauren conrad blouse
IMG_9274, polka dot, lauren conrad blouse
LC Blouse: Kohl's $8
Vest: SheInside $20
Jeans: Old
Booties: Just Fab (1/2 off) $20
Total Outfit Cost: $48
3 favorites today...
1. The fur vest, duh. When it started getting chilly again last week, I was a little too excited to pull out the vest again. $20 well spent.
2. This blouse. It is perfection and I want to wear it everyday.
3. This outfit was inspired by one of my favorite blogger buds, Nicole (writes like a girl). She wore [this outfit]. To be honest I know she has the same shirt I have on above and I definitely thought she was wearing it in that outfit, but it turns out I was wrong. She's wearing pretty much the same shirt minus the polkadots. Oh well. I still wouldn't have thought of this outfit if it wasn't for my misconception of her shirt, so she she still gets the credit.
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  1. I love this! The fur and polka dot combo is perfection!

  2. I think the dots + fur is fabulous! With the texture of the fur it's almost like pattern mixing. :) -XO Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. i love this outfit on you! now i'm jealous that i never thought to wear my polka dot version of the blouse with the vest! and those boots are perfection, of course.

    xo nicole

  4. Lovely! You look great!! Thanks for linking up with the Style Swap!!

  5. That top is great, I can see why you'd want to wear it everyday!

  6. So pretty and cute and still looks really comfy! I immediately added "polka dot blouse" to my mental shopping list.

  7. Hi! I'm Jamie stopping by from the Style Swap Link Up. The fur vest is definitely my favorite! Love the LC Collection from Kohls, Great outfit, love the look and the price!


  8. The polka dots are adorable! Nice pairing too with the fur vest.

  9. That blouse is so cute on you! I love the fun polka dots with neutral versatility. Plus that fur vest always looks great on you :)

  10. Perfection indeed. I want to wear it with my new cropped fur vest and a similar blouse. Though I need a plain White Button-down Shirt with Black Dots and vice versa. =) Maybe a Style Swap is in the works, soon. ;-)