March 19, 2014

many days, many ways link up: fur vest

Dress: Forever 21, gifted from Mom
Vest: SheInside $20
Leggings: Gifted
Boots: Stole from Sista
Total Outfit Cost: $20
fur vest collage

Last month I hosted the first round of many days, many ways. I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be a one time link up or a monthly thing, but after seeing everyone's awesome remixing skills, I knew I wanted to keep it around! Plus, Nicole agreed to be my permanent co-host! Many days, many ways will be held on the 19th of every month :)
Last time I showed 15 ways to wear a lace dress. This time I decided to show y'all how I've worn my newly beloved fur vest!  I've only had this vest for a whole 2 months, and I have already worn it SEVEN times! I've said this before, but I live in South Louisiana so never did I ever think I'd get even a little bit of use out of a fur vest! I seriously love this thing. When it started to warm up a couple weeks ago, I was missing my vest already. Luckily it got cold again, so that's when I paired it with the polka dot blouse. I can now say that I am ready for the warm to stay and to put this vest away until fall! By next winter I may be showing 20 ways to wear it... hahah.
Want to see MORE ways to wear a fur vest? Check out Nicole's last month's many days many ways fur vest edition!
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  1. How often will you be doing your many days many ways link up? I loved it last month when I saw Ginny link up. I've been working on a post but it's not ready.

  2. I'll be honest, one time you wore this vest, I thought it could not be a versatile piece at all. I am impressed with your styling skills. The second outfit (top middle) is by far my favorite. Sorry my post isn't ready today, I'll link up tomorrow!

  3. I love a good remix post! I'll be honest - I'm not really onboard with the fur vest trend, but these outfits are really cute! It always surprises me when I am swayed to liking something I was initially not impressed with!

    I'll be linking up tomorrow!

  4. cute outfit! loving the fur vest but unfortunately, it's too hot in my country to wear it - we never get any winter or any kind of cold weather! lol

  5. Who knew a fur vest could be so versatile?? It looks so great on you! Living in SoCal, I definitely know what you mean about it never being cold. Anytime I break out a pullover sweater, I end up getting way too hot and regretting it. It's awesome that you've been able to wear your fur vest so much regardless!

  6. I am still swooning over fur vests and this is making it even harder for me to not buy one (being that spring is supposed to be here soon)! All great looks!


  7. yayyy for another many days, many ways! Thanks for hosting!!

    I think my favorite look is here the wide-legged jeans + vest. With those combined you're totally giving off a 70's boho vibe and it's awesome. Looks like it was a great "inVESTment" ha

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  8. Danielle! Thanks for commenting on Style On Target, because I've now found your blog, am loving it, and have linked up! Off to check out some more of your looks (love the vest on you, btw)!

  9. 1. i'm SO glad you've gotten so many wears out of your fur vest! i really like the outfit you came up with for the post, and i think the 70s look is the most creative. i love seeing us bloggers dress out of our comfort zones a little.
    2. steal those boots from your sista forever. they are perfection.
    3. okay, you've convinced me. i need a white lace dress. it's just so darn versatile!

    xo nicole

  10. LOVE all the ways you've styled your vest! The white dress and red tights might be my favorite. I might have to sneak in another look with my fur vest. I mean it hasn't even reached 50 yet here! ;)

  11. Just found your blog-LOVE this concept! Thanks for hosting! And I would never have guessed a fur vest would be so versatile.

  12. Great vest! I use my faux fur vest all winter too. Thank you for hosting.


  13. Love this! :) Thanks again for the NOLA tips! We are back and I am editing lots of pics! :) -XO Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. I am glad you are keeping the link-up because it's a nice and unique one. I usually do a 6 Remix post every month on the 6th where I show 6 outfits made out of 6 articles of clothing or 6 outfits using the same piece 6 times. But I will remember the 19th for this link up since my girl was born on the 19th. ;-)

    Anyway, you have gotten so much use out of your vest. I like it more against the 2 white dresses or in the all-black outfits. My favorite outfits are the onw from today and the one with the black blouse and wide-legged black trousers. =)

  15. Your hair in this top photo makes me really miss my shorter blonde hair. You look so gorgeous! And wow - I never realized the fur vest could be worn so many ways - I especially love it in the outfit with the red pants!