May 22, 2014

the perfect LBD: from work to weekend

Dress: Old Navy c/o (org. $25 + 20% off discount code =$20!)
Necklace: Versona, gift carded [similar]
Heels: Target (bogo) $24
Purse: Target $26
Total Outfit Cost: $50

Dress: Old Navy c/o (org. $25 + 20% off discount code =$20!)
Two by Vince Camuto Vest: Bargain World Thrift Store $2 (holy crap- retails for $89!)
Sandals: Target, gift carded
Necklace: Forever 21 $9
Purse: Garage Sale $2
Total Outfit Cost: $13

As women, aren't we all ALWAYS in search for the perfect little black dress? Well ladies, look no more, I have found it for you! Before I begin to explain to you my mad love for this dress, I promise this post is indeed not sponsored by Old Navy (but c'mon, I totally wish it was)!  This dress is perfect because it can be worn both for work or for a casual weekend look. This dress is perfect because the material is thick, but not too thick to make you hot in the summer. This dress is perfect because it's sexy yet modest. This dress is perfect because it's super duper comfy. This dress is perfect because it's stretchy yet very forgiving. I could seriously go on and on! So, if you're convinced that you need this dress like I hope you are, before you buy it head on over to and grab you a coohpon code (there's one for 20% off today!) like I did! There's almost always a discount code for Old Navy, so I don't believe in paying full price there. ;)


  1. you look so cute in that :)

  2. Both of these outfits are GORGEOUS! Love your leopard pumps!

  3. so I think you know that you've become a fan of a blog when a few days go by with nothing new, so you keep checking every day, intensely anticipating a new post :D

    I don't need more reasons to love Old Navy (and YES, never pay full price there!) but a basic black dress like this is pretty much invaluable. love both the looks! I'll have to try it on next time I'm in the store.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  4. Pretty sure I need that dress now! Looks great on you and sounds comfy too!

  5. Hooray new post! I love both ways you wore the dress. It's perfect! The length is great for work and short enough for a hot afternoon. And I'm drooling over those leopard print heels :-)

  6. If Old Navy were open 24-7, I'd be tempted to jump in my car and go there now to see whether or not this dress fits me in person. I want one just so I can look as cute as you!

  7. Yay! I missed your pretty face here in Blogland! That dress looks seriously perfect. I LOVE that it has sleeves so I could totally wear it to work. I'd have to test the length on me but looks pretty perfect to me :)

    Oh man, being sponsored by Old Navy would be awesome. @oldnavyofficial tweeted me this morning and I just about screamed. We should work on getting their sponsorship, what do you say?

  8. Cute outfits and versatile! I love when you can get many outfits out of one piece! Have a great weekend!

  9. This dress looks amazing on you! I love the way you've styled it.

  10. Really cute! I love these type of work to weekend, or work to date night posts... :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. I think you look adorable in this dress - I love both of the ways you styled it as well. I love having versatile dresses like this in my closet. It makes it much easier to get the most out of my wardrobe!! I can't believe the deal you got on that denim vest, by the way - way to go! I've been looking for a denim vest, but I really don't want to spend much money on one, so I'll have to try out my Goodwill and see if I'm as lucky as you are ;)

  12. super cute dress! i have a LBD from old navy too, looks similar but longer sleeves. I love it because its so comfy, not too short, not too 'sexy' and can be both work and fun. yay! :)

  13. Oh! This is such a cute post! I love the leopard with the neon bag!!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee