September 2, 2014

a neglected favorite

LC Lauren Conrad blazer: Kohl's $24 [similar
Blouse: Plato's Closet $6
Pants: Old Navy $26  [here]
Heels: Shoe Station (clearance) $10 [almost exact]
Total Outfit Cost: $66

Last year I wore this blazer sooo much. I had to stop myself from wearing it once a week. But this year? It's been neglected in my closet! How could I have let that happen to one of my favorite pieces in my closet? No idea! My dear coral blazer, I am sorry. I promise not to neglect you anymore. 
One thing that has definitely not been neglected is these Old Navy "the diva" skinny pants. I have worn these babies OUT. The bottom seam is out so I have to flat iron it cuffed under so it doesn't come undone during the day. (please tell me y'all flat iron your clothes too?!) Anyone have a good recommendation for skinny pants for work that are under $30??


  1. i have some black skinny crop ankle pants from target. i got them last year but i think they have a similar pair in stores this year, i believe they are merona and they've held up pretty well. i think they were around $30!

  2. I've been wondering when we'd see your coral blazer again. But realistically, it's been a hot summer, and hot summers and blazers don't mix. And least not for me. Regarding skinnies: I LOVE exact stretch pants from The Limited. Yeah, they're $70 regularly, but The Limited has 50% off sales like twice a month (including today, for example) - so not exactly under $35, but I've had mine for 3 years and they still are in tip-top shape.

  3. I have a pair from Target, their pants are always under $30. And pairs I've had in the past still last about two years even with weekly wear. I also agree with Kate. The pants at The Limited are awesome. Just watch for sales.

  4. I do the same thing with pieces, I love this blazer!

  5. This is so cute!! I just bought a pair of black skinny trousers from American Eagle. The whole site in on sale for 40% off so they came to $23.97 or something like that. I haven't tried them yet as I just ordered them 30 minutes ago but if you have a store near you where you can return them easily, I'd give them a shot!

  6. I have a blazer that I used to wear and haven't in a long time either. I think I'll need to get it out and wear it! I hate it when I wear out my favorite items :( Good lucking finding the perfect pants to replace those!

  7. Love that bright blazer with the printed blouse!


  8. That blazer is so cute! I have a vintage sweater I bought at the Santa Monica Vintage Expo that's the same color and I wear it a lot in the fall and winter. I have a pair of Ann Taylor Loft black skinny pants and one way I like to wear them is with a button-down shirt (sometimes I wear a red and white striped one I bought at T.J.Maxx in the Men's department) tucked into the pants with a pair of print socks and a pair of beige vintage two-tone bucks. I saw an Asian girl on the bus wearing her's like that so I stole her idea. This look is a little bit masculine/feminine and a little bit dandy. It really works for work.

  9. I am totally with Kate (and Inge) on this one, Exact Stretch skinny pants are THE best pants. I highly doubt they'll disappoint you. I struggle not to buy them in every single color. (I wish I were kidding.)

    And why can you rock a top knot so successfully?

  10. This outfit is to die for!!!

  11. This coral blazer is so great! Glad to see its been used again this year. :) hehe it's so easy to neglect items in our wardrobes! Also, this brick backdrop is top notch! XO-alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. I need this blazer. I adore structured jackets and blazers! It's one of my favorite ways to add layers.