September 3, 2014

a whim

Gap Pants: Plato's Closet $12 [similar]
Earrings: Forever 21 [super similar]
Target Bouse: Goodwill $4
Leopard Belt: Forever 21 $5
Kate Landry Purse: Dillards (clearance) $17
Total Outfit Cost: $42
Most of the time I either have my outfit planned out in my head the day before or at least an idea of what I'm wearing.This is an outfit that was totally unplanned and put together in a whim one morning. I knew going to bed the night before that I wanted to wear these pants, but I had no idea with what yet. When I got to putting my outfit together, somehow this happened, and I love it! This is definitely one of my favorite outfits in a while! Do your best outfits come when they're planned or unplanned?


  1. you look adorable. i know that the wide-legged trend is one i need to leave to the pros, but you tempt me so! speaking of pros, i'm going to need you to teach me how to accessorize, because you kill it every. single. time.

  2. I never plan my outfits - not always the best for the morning routines, but sometimes you need the deadline to get stuff done, right?

    I think this came together really nicely, and I love your bright coral bag!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. It's amazing how some of those "rushing-in-the-morning" outfits turn out, isn't it? I like to have some outfits planned in advance, and when I do, I always let myself sleep a few extra minutes :)

    These pants look amazing on you! I have some flared leg jeans that you always inspire me to break back out. Love the whole outfit!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  4. I wish I could tell you that my favorite outfits are unplanned, but that would be a bold-faced lie. You, however, killed it with this look. How is every single thing about it perfect? The earrings, the bright purse, the pop of leopard in the belt, the necklace, the cut of the jeans. As always, you're just so darn pretty.

  5. The whim totally paid off! This looks perfect. I honestly have no idea if my best outfits are planned or unplanned. Probably a mix!

  6. I just love those pants!! Wide leg pants are my favorite... unfortunately, I have to plan how to style them ahead of time or else I just get it all wrong. You make it look effortless though!

    - Melanie (

  7. I love this too! What a great whim! The fit of the top and pants go perfectly together!

  8. This combo is so cute! Really flowy without being shapeless! <3 XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Girl, you are on a roll! All of your outfits lately are such winners. I can't go to bed without at least brainstorming a little bit the night before, so I can't remember the last time an outfit came together on a whim, but sometimes I think those do end up being my favorites, probably because they're not over-thought.

  10. You look dynamic in that outfit! Do you mind if I steal those pants? I love those because I love the '70s and they remind me of the '70s. My favorite outfits usually come together when I plan them out, sometimes the night before if I have time, and sometimes the morning I have to go do something. It depends on what I'm inspired by.

  11. For getting dressed on a whim, you sure nailed it!! Those pants always look amazing on you and that pretty coral bag adds the perfect touch of color. I love it Danielle!

  12. Unplanned! Some of my best outfits have popped into my head the night before.

  13. Those pants are THE MOST. I love them. You look fabulous.

  14. You look so great in these pants, as always! I think this is my favorite way you've styled them, though - the white blouse and simple accessories look fantastic!! I almost always plan my outfits ahead of time - I have to for work outfits, otherwise I'll stand in my closet for a good 20-30 minutes in my towel just staring at my clothes, haha. Not cute. My weekend outfits get planned most of the time, but on occasion, I'll plan them the morning of :)

  15. I'm usually unplanned, I think my outfits actually turn out best that way. Loooove this look. So chic!