December 17, 2014

all black on + a lil cobalt and mustard

all black + mustard sweater
mustard + cobalt
black peplum + mustard cardi
Top: Le Tote (first month free) [similar]
Legging Pants: The Limited (sale + $20 coupon) $20 [here]
Heels: Target $22 [here]
Cardigan: Zara $10
Necklace: Le Tote (first month free) [similar]
Total Outfit Cost: $52
When I originally thought up this outfit I thought I would pair it with my striped skirt, but once I put it all together, it just wasn't working. Luckily, my favorite pants weren't far (ya know, on the ground in my closet... oops) so I grabbed them for a quick fix.  Some days the outfits in my head win, some days they loose. I'd say I won this time though because I actually like this outfit much better than with the skirt!
I hate to write such a Debbie downer post today, but man, I have just been in a funk this week. I was sick with a sinus infection last week, so I called into work Friday and went to the doc. They gave me antibiotics, a steroid pack, nose spray, cough syrup, AND a shot. I feel much better (other than this itchy cough that the cough meds don't help), but the antibiotics and steroids are just seriously messing with my sleep! I hate that even though I'm better that I have to finish them off. Last week I couldn't sleep because of the sickness, this week I can't sleep because of the medicine! So annoying! Especially coming from someone who thoroughly enjoys her sleep at night. I hope that this funk ends soon because Christmas is almost here, and I don't want to be the Grinch!


  1. adorable outfit. love the mustard

  2. Try taking some Melatonin (spelling?) at night before bed. When I was on steroids for an allergic reaction, it saved my sanity.

  3. Love the outfit! Peplum tops are so sweet. Bummer you haven't been feeling well! I have had sinus junk too. I always have a hard time when we get to this point in the year when the weather is changing back and forth so rapidly. Kansas... It was literally 55 degrees for about 3 days in a row... today? 25 and snowing. Holy cow. No wonder my sinuses don't know what to do. I think my humidifier is helping... Hope you feel better soon! XO -Alexandra

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  4. What a bummer about the lack of sleep - that would certainly put me in a grumpy note. On the weekends, I have to have my naps or I just can't make it through the day. This is such a pretty outfit - wished I could wear mustard.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  5. So cute! love the pop of leopard!!

  6. It stinks when it's not as cute on as you hoped. Love the pop of color here!

  7. Such a pretty outfit! Love the necklace and the color combo

  8. I love this outfit on you Danielle! All black outfits just look so classy and your cardi and pumps add some fun to the perfect blank canvas. I'm so sorry to hear you've been feeling so scrappy lately! Let's hope for a full recovery before Christmas!

  9. So basically I love every outfit you have posted! This one is so classy and you could wear it anywhere. I'm a new reader!
    -Kristen //

  10. Definitely a win. I love it when what's in your head works out even better in person. This has such a classic vibe. LOVE!

  11. That cardigan+pants matched together look so good!! I found the same on this site Originalluxury