December 16, 2014

trimmed in leather

Cardigan: LeTote (got my first month free) [here]
J. Crew Tee: Bargain World Thrift Store $2
Pants: The Limited (50% off + $20 off coupon) $20 [here]
Boots: old
Scarf: Ebay $15
Total Outfit Cost: $37
This cardigan is another fabulous item Le Tote sent me! I fell in love with it the moment I put it on. I considered keeping it, but then I looked at the price online and I could never ever ever justify almost $70 for a cardigan. So sadly back to Le Tote it went. :(
I've had so much fun styling all of the gorgeous things Le Tote has sent me. And it helps with not having to think much about what you're wearing for 3 out of the 5 work days. They send you 3 clothing items and 2 pieces of jewelry, so I'll style each clothing item 1 way, making 3 outfits for the week, then I just wear stuff out of my own closet for the other 2 days! I've gotten 3 totes from them and so far I am 9 for 9 (clothing only) with liking what they send me and 8 for 9 with fit (one dress was too short).


  1. That cardigan is great! Such a cute look!!

  2. I really like the details on that cardigan! But I totally agree with not paying that much. Have you kept any of the items or is it made to simply borrow with the option to buy if you like them?

  3. I do really like the cardigan but I'm with you... I couldn't spend that much on a cardigan! lol! I'm a little on the thrifty side

  4. Cute cute outfit! I love this cardigan.

  5. This is such a fun idea, I'd have a hard time sending anything back, though! Love this combo today!

  6. Oh yes, that cardi is lovely.... too bad about the price! Glad that you are enjoying Letote. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I love that cardigan, it's like a perfect wardrobe staple! But like you said, I could NEVER justify $70 on ANY clothing item!! I think I got that from you! haha I tried Le Tote about a year ago but it seemed like all they had was spring/summer styles. The seasons changed and they were still sending me tank tops and stuff you could never pull off in cold weather. I like the whole concept, and everything they sent was really cute, I just wish they had a bigger variety.

    On a side note, I featured you on my blog today! I'm always "pinning" your outfits so today I shared one in a post. :) Keep that inspiration coming, girl! haha I seriously don't know what I'd do if you ever stopped blogging! You are the ONLY blog I subscribed to through email to ensure I never miss a post. It's just THAT necessary! lol


  8. What a shame that's SEVENTY dollars. (How absurd, by the way.) It's just perfect. Except for the price. As always, I love how you styled it.

  9. I am loving that cardigan, Danielle! I have been really interested in adding some edgier pieces into my closet lately, and leather-trimmed pieces are on my radar!!