December 12, 2014

blanket scarf tips

sweatshirt dress and plaid scarf
sweatshirt dress + tartan scarf
Gap Dress: Plato's Closet $12
Leggings: Old
Booties: Plato's Closet $12
Scarf: Ebay $12
Earrings: Forever XXI Old
Total Outfit Cost: $36

Ohhh the coveted Zara tartan scarf. I would never pay such a crazy amount for a scarf, but I did find mine on Ebay! When it comes to searching for a designer piece on ebay without the designer price (aka the same thing from China but without the designer tag), you've got to think outside the box. To find this scarf, I didn't just type in the search box "Zara tartan blanket scarf" because when I did, all I found was people selling it for triple what Zara even sold it for. Obsurd. I can't remember what exactly I searched to find this one so cheap, but it was probably something like "plaid blanket scarf" (because who knows what "tartan" is anyways). I also change my search to sort by price + shipping: lowest first. I did the same thing when the J.Crew bubble necklaces were in style. Most people paid $30 for it... I paid $7 on Ebay. From China.

When I got my scarf in it was SO much bigger than I expected it to be. Like they weren't lying when they called it a blanket scarf, because guys, it's actually large enough to be a blanket. I was considering selling it and buying the Target version instead, but then I saw @stylethislife on Instagram say that she cut hers in half... brillant! I was hesitant, but I was going to get no use out of this scarf at the size it was. I live in Louisiana, it just doesn't get cold enough for all that.

So, shown below, I cut my scarf in half along the diagonal. The edges came frayed already so, I'm not worried about the frayed edges from cutting it. And if it does get pulled and messes up, I always have the other half!

how to cut your blanket scarf in half

Another thing, if you're like me and just realized this week that Christmas is just 2 weeks away... yes TWO... omg... you better get to shopping! I have a few people left on my list, including my husband. I bought his big present (which eeeek, he has NO idea what it is! so exciting!), but Santa hasn't bought him any stocking stuffers yet! My husband has a HUGE sweet tooth. Huge I tell ya. Like the man can't go to the gas station without walking out with at least a bag of gummy worms.  Yahoo! Style has some great gift guides you can check out. I will personally be looking through the sweet tooth gift guide for the hubby. I'm sure he will love me for it.

And if Santa is looking for some ideas for me... (hint hint LARRY)... he should take a look at the cold feet gift guide. It's got a ton of cute socks to keep your toesies warm. I don't know why, but fun socks has always been one of my favorite gifts! (I gifted the leopard ones above to myself last year ;)

I leave you with my favorite of Yahoo! Style' gift guides... the co-workers you love to hate gift guide 
. I hope it leaves you with a good laugh to get you to 5:00 on your Friday! (#15 is the best :P) Happy weekend!

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  1. I love this outfit and am so sad that I don't have the pieces to recreate it :( But how clever to cut the scarf in half! It looks so much more manageable and not ridiculous on you (like I think it does on most). If I lived in your neck of the woods, I'd be knocking on your door now asking you for that second half :)

  2. That is such a great idea to cut it in half! You get the exact same look without all the bulk! I did get one from Target and I agree it does make you warm fast (even though I live in MN! haha)

  3. Great idea! I also have this scarf and could not figure out how to wear it. I live in HAWAII! I can pull of your look at the office, though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I was so nervous to cut mine, but I think you talked me into it ;) I live in Florida, and it's just TOO hot for all that!

  5. I really love this outfit, Danielle! I might be the only blogger out there who doesn't own this scarf, but I did just get a navy plaid scarf for Christmas that I'm in love with - I may need to recreate this outfit with my navy scarf!

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