November 25, 2013

a post on which I talk about random things

Coat: Old
Shirt: Goodwill $3.49
Scarf: eBay $15  
Jeans: Old Navy (Sale & ON Cash) $11.25
Booties: Rack Room Shoes (BOGO) $35
Total Outfit Cost: $64.74

If I had to eat two things for the rest of my life (and not have to worry about my weight or health) I'd eat freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and french fries. 
I can make the absolute ugliest faces you have ever seen. No lie. I'd prove it, but I'm not going to embarrass myself like that. My sister and I actually communicate on the daily by sending ugly photos of our elves through snap chat. Yes. These pictures are so ugly, we cannot save proof of them.
I can't wait to be a die hard dance mom one day. I will be that mother making my child show me everything she learned every week, and oh yeah she will be practicing at home 24-7. But I promise to never be like Abby's Dance Mom's. Promise. 
I want three children. NOT all at once. My husband only wants two. I say, the more kids, the more love. 


  1. those booties! I like them :) If I could eat anything two things for the rest of my life, it would probably be rich chocolate fudge cake, and burger king whoppers. Or maybe cookie dough..or cheesecake...damn now I'm hungry.

  2. I love this look! The stripes, leopard, and red look so great together.

  3. I LOVE french fries. So good! Loving this look!

  4. Those are the two things I would also choose! I am addicted to fries!

  5. I have a tip for you. Tollhouse makes a big tub of cookie dough. Keep that in you fridge and whenever you get that CC Cookie craving, just scoop out enough cookies for you and Larry and toss them in the oven. My boyfriend and I have been doing that and having fresh baked cookies a few times a week. Not the most healthy but I'd rather eat that than a half dozen oreos any day!
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