November 26, 2013

black, white, and blonde

IMG_8694 IMG_8699
Shirt: I don't even know
Skirt: Forever 21 (clearance) $5
Necklace: c/o Our World Boutique giveaway
Heels: Charlotte Russe (clearance) $12.50
Total Outfit Cost: $17.50

I FINALLY got my hairs did y'all. (Well actually over a week ago, but I'm finally getting to my pictures from last week.) I hadn't gotten a highlight since the week before the wedding... sooo like mid July. I don't know if y'all had noticed but my roots were terrrrrible. 
 things only processed blondes understand...
- sitting in the salon for 3+ hours is always totally worth it
- the week after getting your hair done you can't get over the brightness of your blonde
- when your roots are bad you have to avoid wearing your hair certain ways to hide your roots (half up half down is always a no no)
- it's SO annoying when people ask why you're roots are black... people it's just the contrast from the natural dark blonde and the super light blonde that's making my roots look dark!
and lastly my favorite
- the best thing in the world is when someone asks you if your hair is naturally that color


  1. This is my kind of outfit! Chic, easy, wearable for all different occasions. Lovely lady!


  2. I love the black and white in this outfit so much! and your hair looks AMAZING. I haven't colored my hair in ages (like, literally, since highlights in high school) and I can't imagine what kind of upkeep you blondes have to endure just for keeping your hair looking as beautiful as it does. Even if blonde hair looked good on me (it doesn't, trust me), I don't think I'd ever be able to handle how much work it takes!

  3. This is such a pretty skirt! I love it!

  4. Danielle, that skirt is SO pretty! I love the shimmery almost lace detailing. Such a pretty touch. Your black top is the perfect thing to help the skirt steal the show!
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