November 27, 2013

holiday inspired

IMG_8703 IMG_8700
Dress: Charming Charlie's, gift carded
Scarf: eBay $15
Tights: Target $5?
Heels: Target, old
Belt: Came off another dress
Total Outfit Cost: $20

Last week, one of my favorite blog friends, Nicole from Writes like a girl wore this outfit perfection, and said she was going to dress like everyday was a holiday party (by the way, how stinkin cute is she??).  Without even realizing I had pulled any inspiration from her, I wore the above outfit to work the next day. Doesn't it look like a great holiday party outfit??  Now I'm thinking, if this is what I wear to work, what will I actually wear to our work Christmas party? 

Today I am on my way to Texas to go hunting! I am super excited to have a few days off from work. I can't wait to relax at the deer lease.. oh and black Friday here I come! On the down side, I'm so sad that I have to leave my Charlie poo. I'm boarding her for the first time, and I just don't know how I feel about it. I'm worried they won't play with her enough or give her enough attention. I'm worried she's going to be depressed. :( I'll be calling the poor vet's office everyday checking on her!


  1. That outfit would be perfect for a holiday party! I'm usually afraid of colored tights but I really like what you did here. The black seems to tone them down so they add such a pretty pop of color. Very pretty Danielle!
    Exploring My Style

  2. red tights are the best! i keep finding myself wearing them instead of black, which is really fun. i actually have a dress really similar to this, so i might copycat you back! you're hair is so pretty; if i didn't know better, i'd think you were a natural blonde!

    xo nicole

  3. Love this outfit! Enjoy your break :)

  4. I absolutely adore this outfit. I will have to copy you. for the hundredth time now?

  5. Love the tights! Please wear tights more often! Tod

  6. So cute! I am always scared to try colored tights.