November 28, 2013


IMG_8710 IMG_8708
Shirt: Goodwill $3.49
Cardigan: Ross $8
LC Lauren Conrad Jeans: Kohl's
Booties: Just Fab $20
Necklace: Garage Sale $1
Total Outfit Cost: $

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll! I know you're all spending quality time with the fam and probably not reading this little ole blog of mine, but I'll keep this short and to the point today anyways! Enjoy the holiday and eat too much desert today. You deserve it. 

Today I am thankful for...
1. Jesus Christ
2. God's amazing plan for my life
3. being married to my best friend
4. my family & my new family 
5. coffee
6. a few days off of work 
7. my job 
8. the great people I work with
9. my Charlie poo
10. my beautiful home
11. my friends (who I miss so much)
12. K-love
13. dry shampoo
14. this blog where I get to inspire others


  1. Love this and your list of things you're thankful for, I agree with these, especially Jesus and coffee. :)

  2. Those booties are fabulous!! Just what I've been looking for. They look so good! Your cardigan looks strangely like the one I just bought at Target last night...

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Exploring My Style

  3. I love the outfit (that cardigan is perfect)! Also your list is great as well, and your blog had definitely inspired me!

  4. This is so pretty!! I love the boots with the rolled up pants! Too cute!! I also love your thankful list! That made me smile thanks for adding it!

  5. That necklace and those boots are so cute!!!!