February 17, 2014

a valentine's treat

IMG_9149, red dress, lace dress, leopard heels, thrifted dress, goodwill
Dress: Goodwill $6
Necklace: eBay $9
Tights: Old, don't remember
Heels: Target (bogo) $22
Total Outfit Cost: $37

Larry and I did Valentine's Day smart this year! We decided to go eat out for our Valentine's date on Valentine's eve to beat the crowd. We went to eat at this seafood and steak house, and oh man was it delish.  We thoroughly enjoyed spoiling ourselves to an extra nice meal. The next morning we did our Valentine's gifts to each other. I know every couple is different as far as what kinds of gifts they do. Some give actual gifts like fancy jewelry and what not and some, like us, keep it simple. We both happened to give each other bouquets this year! I gave him a bouquet of his favorite candies and he gave me a bouquet of purple roses (I requested something other than red ;).


We also gave each other cards too of course. Instead of going to Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens and staring at millions of cards trying to find the one that says just the right words inside, and coming to find out it's the tackiest one on the shelf, I ordered my card for him from Treat  ALL of the cards were super cute, and I was able to personalize it with some of our wedding pictures! Not to mention the messages inside the cards weren't awfully mushy gushy like most you find in stores. I like to keep it short and simple! Oh and I'm pretty sure all the cards are only $3.49, what a score!

IMG_9185, treat card IMG_9187, treat card
I was so pleased with Larry's treat card! I know from now on I'll be saving time at the store, and spending more time personalizing cards that are actually cute! :)


  1. I love that card! What a good idea! I'll have to keep it in mind the next time I need a card :) I also love that dress!! So pretty!

  2. I am totally pinning that site so that I don't forget about it. Cool! And you look soooo pretty (not that you don't usually look pretty). I'm sort of swooning over that necklace.

  3. So pretty and what a great treat from Larry.

  4. What a great card! I'll have to check out that site. Love your dress! It looks great with the leopard heels.

  5. Gorgeous Red Lace Dress, Necklace & Pumps, This is also so chic for Valentine's Day. You look marvelous, my dear. =) And on such a small budget, too!!

    Stay tuned for my next post, because I am giving you a shot-out. Thanks. =)

  6. How adorable is that card?? I love that you could add your own pictures. Great idea!

    That red lace dress looks GORGEOUS on you Danielle!! Love the color and feminine lace, plus anything leopard print is a-ok in my book :)

  7. Glad you had a nice holiday. The cards are clever. And your dress is divine.

  8. so cute! I love the dress with the black tights too! Not how I would have thought to style it :) Thanks for your sweet words about my wedding pictures/wedding dress! We had a family friend do the photos... so some were better than others. Here are two links to some of the pictures I put up.. Not all favorites but it gives you an idea :) http://simplyalexandramyfavoritethings.blogspot.com/2012/06/12-31-12-our-wedding.html


    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Love your dress and that you guys keep it low key as well! MJ is a huge romancer but I requested something low key this year, which was had for him still haha Glad you guys had a great weekend! That card looks great!


  10. Such a pretty outfit!!! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves at a nice dinner!! :) that card is very cute and what a great deal!!

  11. I love the card! It looks so sweet! I also like his choice of purple flowers for you. By the looks in the photo, the flowers actually look dual-toned with it almost fading into white at the bottom. Those are some great flowers he chose for you. How was your Valentine's day? You are so lucky to have found someone to love in this love month! Haha.
    Breanne Kunzman