September 1, 2014

orange dress #2

Old Navy dress: Goodwill $6 [similar]
Sandals: Target, gift carded [same]
Necklace: Forever 21 $9 [similar]
Belt: off another dress
Total Outfit Cost: $15

I remember seeing this dress at Old Navy last summer and loving it, but with a $35 price tag this pretty little thing was not coming home with me! Lucky enough, I found it for a whole 6 bucks at Goodwill a few months ago! Funny how last time I wore an orange dress, I asked y'all what colors to pair with orange. Y'all gave such great feedback, and yet I end up styling this dress almost exactly like I styled the other dress! 
Hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day! It's just me, myself, and I in the office today. I was off on July 4th and Memorial Day, so I'm really not complaining about having to work today. Plus, it's still a 4 day week for me and just 4 more days until Disney World!


  1. Such a fun look! I love the necklace with the dress!

  2. i'm working today too! even though the styling is the same, you're still rocking the heck out of it! don't fix what ain't broken, as we say here in the south ;)

    xo nicole

  3. You're really inspiring me to get back to the thrift store - such an adorable dress! Hope that you enjoy the day at work!

    Callie @ Coffee and Cardigans

  4. I love your orange dress! Teal compliments it so well :)

  5. I love orange so very much, and it looks perfect with the pop of turquoise and the red lips! How long are you going to Disney for? You pretty much rock at finding adorable stuff for a steal.

  6. You look wonderful in that dress! You got a great deal. You can also try pairing orange with pink and white, like a little white cardigan sweater with pink accessories. I did that once when I was inspired by a Japanese trend called fairy kei and I got so many compliments on my outfit. I loved the way you coordinated the skinny belt and the sandals with it, that really inspires me to try something with skinny belts.

  7. You look so good in orange. Seriously. I don't think a lot of people can pull off this color, but you can. Go on with your bad self. And have a fabulous time at Disney World!!

  8. I love this look! Great dress find.