January 9, 2014

leather sleeves

IMG_9017 IMG_9016 IMG_9009
Jacket: Target (org. $40, but found on clearance for $12) gift carded
Sweater: Old
Pants: Old Navy $26
LC Booties: gifted
Total Outfit Cost:  $26
What I think is cool about thrifting and bargain shopping is that I am able to try out pieces that I normally wouldn't.  When I am purchasing something full price, I think it through carefully. Sometimes even overthink it. I always want to make sure that I will get my money's worth! When I find stuff super cheap, I don't have to think about it nearly as much. For example, this jacket. I could never justify buying it full price. For $40, it's got to be something I plan to wear once a week, every week. Now for $12? Oh yes. I was willing to give it a try! I really like it, and I feel like it's a piece in my closet I'll get a pretty good amount of wear out of over a few years!


  1. Oh yeah it's a cute jacket, definitely worth the $12!

  2. Such a cute jacket! Even better for $12!! I'm with you, I feel that I can try new things more if I've thrifted them or got them off the clearance rack.

  3. I am loving your jacket!! Such a great look!

  4. I totally know what you mean! I love "taking a chance" on something that's not my usual style, or that I'm not sure if I will like, because it's under $20. It's liberating! If it doesn't work out, oh well, back to the thrift store it goes! I've stumbled on to so many pieces that way that have become staples in my wardrobe ...

  5. Love that jacket!! It looks so cute on you! I saw it over the weekend, but they didn't have it in my size :(


  6. You look stunning!!! I love that jacket and the color you paired it with looks perfect. :)

  7. You look great.. <3


  8. What a great jacket! I love the leather accent trend! I have some leather leggings from target that I love to pair with a similar jacket.. . maybe you saw it near that one? It's bright blue/black tweed with a diagonal moto type zipper? It's like a motorcycle jacket meets the adorable ladylike tweed jackets. I love this one on you though! So so cute! I found a similar one.. minus the leather at my local Goodwill for $8. So excited to wear it but it needs a bit of mending first. :) Thanks for outfit inspirations and for following my blog back. :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. This is an amazing jacket! I love if with that color too.

  10. That jacket is Precious on you! And only $12? Can't beat that :) I love my Target finds more than my thrift finds lately. Their clearance has been great!

  11. The jacket is too cute! I totally agree with you though, I only branch out and buy unexpected pieces if they're like, SUPER cheap. Otherwise it's just a waste of money.

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