January 31, 2014

january closet additions

january closet add

1. Coral Blouse: Target  (I can't wait to style this for spring!)
      originally $20 + clearance 70% off  = $6

2. Learsi Coat: Goodwill $5

3. Dress: Goodwill $6

4. Cardigan: Target [worn here]
      clearance for $12 + gift card = $0

5. Bamboo Wedges: Goodwill $6 [similar]

6. Mossimo Leather Sleeves Jacket Target  [worn here & here]
     originally $39.99 + clearance 70% off = $12 + gift card = $0  

7. Herman Kay Coat: Goodwill $5

8. Shirt: Target 
      originally $20 + clearance 70% off = $6

Total Spent: $34

I finally kept track of my spending this month (as I plan to for the rest of the year)! I did so good, and I'm proud of myself! My husband was proud too, I made sure I showed him this post and that I got 8 new pieces for all of $34. I always tell him how lucky he is to have a thrifty wife. Most women spend $34 or more on ONE new piece!


  1. You are reminding me that I need to get back to a thrift store ASAP! :) Love the dress and coat you got from Goodwill!

  2. i loooove 1 and 6! you're going to get so much wear out of that coral blouse in spring/summer. and yay for striped shirts! that one looks so comfy!

    xo nicole

  3. What great finds!! I especially like that lace dress and target jacket. All that for $34 is amazing!!

  4. Hi Danielle! Ok, I have spent waaaay too long stalking through your blog, and I have to say I am so impressed! Not only by your spectacular Goodwill finds, but how all your shopping seems to be thrifty and thought-through. Not to mention the adorable outfits you've put together, like, all of them!! I consider myself pretty cost-conscious in general, and do thrift, but you have so inspired me to do it more! You're absolutely right in your "about me" where you said it is possible to look great and put-together on a mostly thrifted/discounted wardrobe. The concept of your blog is so, so cool! I am definitely following along now!!

    Oh, and thanks for coming by my blog!

    perfectly Priya

  5. You did AMAZING this month! You seriously got so much for so little. I don't thrift as much I wish that I did - I seriously have got to go to Goodwill more often!

    I love that leather sleeve jacket and I love each way you wore it!

  6. Already gushed and gushed about the red dress... but that coral cardi is so so cute too. Love it! So ready to start wearing springy clothes again! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I'm seriously crushing on that Target jacket. Such an awesome find! And can't wait to see the Valentine look with the red dress :)

  8. You found so much good stuff! I haven't found too much thrifting lately. I think I am getting pickier and that is why, but I still love to look, not just for clothes, but also for Pyrex. :)

  9. Love the red cardigan and number 6! ♥


  10. Nice stuff! I always tell my husband that too, I safe us a lot of money on clothes for sure.

  11. You do really well on your good will shopping! I'm more of a TJMaxx discount shopper :) I've decided to track my clothing budget on my blog this year too. Really keeps you honest!

    <3 Vicki

  12. Nicely done this month, Danielle! I LOVE that maroon lace dress you got - SO pretty, and I can't wait to see how you style it :)