January 27, 2014

put it in reverse

jessica simpson dress
Victoria's Secret Blazer: Goodwill $5
Jessica Simpson Dress: Goodwill $6
Leggings: White House Black Market Outlet (clearance) $10
Total Outfit Cost: $21

My name twin who blogs over at A Little Bit of Wo We, is doing this thing this month she calls the "reverse 30x30." Instead of the normal 30x30 where you pick 30 items out of your closet and wear those for 30 days, she picked 30 things out of her closet that she doesn't typically wear and wears at least one of them each day.  After wearing it she decides if she wants to keep the item or to get rid of it. I wanted to participate, but I definitely don't have a whole 30 items in my closet that get neglected. ;) My reversed items are the dress and the blazer (which should be obvious since I practically wear these boots everyday). I've only worn this dress once (here). I just don't love it. I think it's a pretty dress, and I like it, but I'm kinda unsure of it still. The blazer I've had in my closet for quite some months now, and it's only been worn once (that outfit didn't make it to the blog). I think this blazer is a little boring. I feel like there's just something missing on it. I'm going to keep it though because it's the perfect fit and it's very professional looking, and ya never know, I may need to look super profesh one day?
So, help me out! How should I try to style my "reversed" items?


  1. i think you should hold on to the dress until spring/summer! it's got some darker colors in it, but it would look so cute with bare legs, sandal wedges and a cute braid!

    i have a really similar blazer that i've only worn once on the blog. i've had it for a while because an ex boyfriend's mom bought it for me at banana, and it was like, so expensive. it's gorgeous and it fits so well, but the color is so light and it's hard to wear. i keep holding onto it in case i end up with the kind of job where i have to wear blazers all the time, just in case.

    in my opinion, this blazer is probably keeping you from buying another one that you like more. if you don't wear it (where you have a job where you wear blazers regularly), pass it along to someone else who'll love it. thrifting karma!

    xo nicole

  2. Day.officially.made. (Absolutely NOT kidding.)

    Okay, in order to convince you to keep the blazer--the cut looks great on you!--I found a few looks on Pinterest that make me think of you. Hopefully, you find one that speaks to you!

    Teal pants, stripes, and khaki blazer
    Red dress, leopard heels, and khaki blazer
    Stripes, red pants, and khaki blazer
    Stripes, olive pants, brown boots, and khaki blazer

    I love the print of that dress, and there are so many colors you can pull from. Are you handy with a sewing machine and able to turn it into a skirt? You might find it gets more wear as a skirt than a dress?

    I love your boot collection, by the way.

  3. I really like this look! I think both of the pieces would be great if you paired them with other pieces that really pop. Like a bright cardigan and heels to go with the dress and some colored denim to pair with the blazer.


  4. I'm searching high and low for a blazer like that! I'm having the hardest time with my hunt though! I love it on you. Blazers are always awesome with flared jeans and heels or skinnies with loafers/flats/boots with either a plain T-shirt and scarf, pretty blouse with jewelry...etc. But I'm blazer biased. They're my favorite items in my closet! It looks fabulous on you!

  5. Like Danielle said about wearing it as a skirt. You could always just put a shirt over it so it appears to be a skirt! I love the blazer, I wore mine with my mint skinnys.

  6. oooh what a great remix idea! I like to try to do some basics, with some old things that don't get worn. I think it helps me since I'm less practiced but still lets me give new life to old clothes. I am currently *trying* to do a 20 X 30 with Greater Than Rubies, posts on my blog. Anyhow, 30 X 30 may have been better for a first time! I can't seem to get my laundry done fast enough! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I love this idea! The 30x30 idea is great too, but I'm a little overwhelmed by it, also there's no way I could take pictures for 30 days! This is a great spin on it though, and I think they are definitely 30 pieces in my closet I don't wear enough. It'd be an awesome way to decide to keep them around/not. I have to say, I love the pretty print on this dress! Try it with a t-shirt tied over (maybe save that idea for warmer weather...)

    perfectly Priya