January 29, 2014

dressing room diaries: goodwill

Forever 21 top: I almost got this! I thought it would be cute with my white high waisted shorts.

Lace dress $6: This dress is just like my white lace dress that I wear so much, and you bet this came home with me. This is what I'll be wearing on Valentine's <3
Forever 21 Sweater: Yeah, sometimes brands steer me to try things on... but no this just wasn't cute on.
No idea what you call this top thing, but it looked vintagey and intrigued me to try it on. It was way too small, and just not cute haha.
Gap dress: Adorable, right? See below as to why this gorgeous dress didn't come home with me and why it'll probably be stuck at the Goodwill forever.
You see that little orange sticker that says $35.99? No, that's not Gap sale price... THAT'S THE GOODWILL PRICE. Yeah, you read that right, the goodwill price!! What. the. heck?!?! Really Goodwill? I'm pretty sure NO ONE who shops at the Goodwill is going to ever pay that price. Once I saw that, I seriously thought about leaving everything and just walking out and never returning to that Goodwill ever again. This is just ridiculous. I have nothing more to say about it, or I'm going to get pissed off about it all over again. Lol. 
Learsi Coat $5: This coat is seriously gorgeous! I was SO sad that it didn't fit! Guess what, I bought it anyways. I couldn't let this pretty sit at the mean ole' Goodwill. 
Nine West Jacket: I grabbed this jacket to try on because I thought it might look like a utility jacket. Nope.
Herman Kay Herringbone Coat $5: Another gorgeous coat! This one fit a little better, so this will be my new winter coat!
Odd Pale Sweater: I pretty much only tried this on because I knew it would be long enough to wear with leggings. It just wasn't me though.
Please, I gotta know y'all's thoughts on that Gap dress priced at $35.99!! 
**Update: I know the pricing wasn't a mistake because there were other name brand things special priced also. There are signs around the Goodwill that say that some items are special priced. I remember seeing an ugly Michael Kors dress priced at $29.99 and a few other things that were new with tags also priced ridiculously. ** 


  1. That's ridiculous! I thought that was the Gap clearance sticker. What in the world?!

  2. I would say the Gap dress price is ridiculous. . . except I live in NYC and am used to ridiculous, stupid thrift store prices. I hate it when secondhand clothes costs more than new clothes!! So frustrating. . . .


  3. $35? Did someone screw up with the price gun? When I got to the red dress picture, I said, "she better have bought that one." I'm so glad to see that you did.

  4. I'm with Danielle-- someone must have screwed up with the price gun. I'm not a huge fan of the ruffles, but don't let that deter you from getting it if it goes down in price. You got some really great finds though!

  5. That is ridiculous, especially since they advertise that all brands are the same price. Are you sure there weren't any other tags on the dress? It looks like there is an orange plastic connector in the corner of the picture...

    1. Everything in my local Goodwill has a plastic thing on it, but they don't it for anything. But yepp, this was the only tag! There quite a few other things I saw with ridiculous tags too. Those I purposely didn't pick up to try on. This one I didn't see until I decided I loved it and took it off, just to find an ugly little price! -__-

  6. Ooooh that red dress! So gorgeous!! :) Your face in the green sweater picture is so hilarious! I feel that way sometimes for sure!! Haha. Score on the dress! -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. It always bums me out when I see stuff priced really high at a thrift store! Goodwill is much more prone to do that than a lot of other thrifts, I think because a lot of the stores get direct seconds from retailers so they're not actually "used," which I can kind of understand ... but it's still disappointing!

  8. I currently live in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and my mom read awhile back that we had the most expensive Goodwill in America. I stopped shopping there quite awhile ago when they stopped the 50% off Monday special. When I visited family in Atlanta in November, we visited 2 Goodwills that were "goodwill" priced. We plan to move back to Atlanta in July and I am so looking forward to all of my thrift shop shopping once again. Not only is there a Goodwill, but so many small mom and pop thrifty shops that are fantastic. There is nothing on the Gulf Coast as far as thrift stores :/

    That price tag on the dress does not surprise me at all. It looks very much like the prices I see here in Santa Rosa Beach.

  9. uhh, definitely ridic. When I see things like that at thrift stores I can't help but think "I can pick out something brand-new for much less!" Honestly. I love the over-sized grey coats! With some fitted bottoms, both would be cute. Also I feel like an "over-sized coat" look is really in right now!

    perfectly Priya

  10. They do that at our stores with purses especially. They pick things that they think are "good" name brands for purses and then price them really high, a lot of times without even looking at the condition or style of the bag.

  11. Thats a crazy price for Goodwill!!! Cute looks though, other than that! ;)