January 16, 2014

black & blue

IMG_9037 IMG_9040
Blouse: Goowill $2.99
Skirt: Ross $7.99
Jacket: Target, gift carded
Tights: Old
Total Outfit Cost: $10.98

The other day I came across @uneditedlifeproject on instagram. She posts unedited pictures to show that it's ok when things aren't perfect. You can post your own unedited pictures too using #uneditedlifeproject ! Here's what she says about why she started her profile (and blog too), "to combat the social media induced depression we all feel after looking at perfect pictures and status updates." It's SO true. We can get so caught up in looking though others' pictures and blogs and get to comparing ourselves to others and think that we don't have enough and we aren't enough. That's not true at all! I'm with @uneditedlifeproject, and I want to see and show that my real life isn't at all perfect. Case #1: Look at that 2nd photo. My shirt is tucked in all funky and my skirt is gathered (& please let's not even start to mention my roots). To be honest with yall, most of my pictures I take for the blog come out this way, and I always choose the 1 or 2 pictures that my clothes (and face) actually look good in.  Let's all start being more real on our blogs. I want to see hair that isn't quite in place, wrinkly clothes, and unperfect smiles. Why? Because that's real life.


  1. Looks like we've got a similar color scheme going on today! On tomorrow's post I paired your old orangey ruffled silky top with my blue blazer for some color contrast and my black leather boots! I really love the different textures of your jacket, it's so unique. Is it really common to edit your blog pictures? I mean I always choose the pics I think are best but I rarely edit mine, takes WAY too much time if you ask me haha
    Exploring My Style

  2. You always look amazing! Although I do like the idea behind the unedited life blog, I don't do a lot of editing to my photos before posting them. Of course I pick the best ones, so there is hair in my mouth, but usually when I upload my pictures I think, "Wow, I can't believe these turned out so good." I don't mind wrinkles or silly smiles though, you gotta be okay with your imperfections if you're going to put yourself online.


  3. Wrinkles in your clothes or not, your smile is so nice in the second one! :)


  4. Oh man, my pencil skirts are always so wrinkly! I'm pretty sure I'd have to not sit all day for them to look good! I definitely think it's important to share real things online, or maybe don't share at all - I'm definitely that way when it comes to social media - less is more!.

    I love the jacket and the booties so much! I had a Christmas gift mishap with some black booties and I'm still a little bummed that I didn't end up getting them!

  5. You are gorgeous inside and out. And I'm glad you're getting some wear out of this adorable coat! I'm pretty envious of this find :)

  6. Danielle,
    Thanks so much for mentioning @uneditedlifeproject in your blog. I really appreciate it! I'm collaborating with @karlareed to do a post about the truth of the #OOTD. So that should be eye opening for everyone to read, and good for all of us who post our outfits to know we aren't alone! Stay tuned. Much more to come from @uneditedlifeproject!